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Taxidermist Wholesale Service


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    If you have a taxidermy business, and would like information about working with J2 Taxidermy.  Please send us a message, including your Name, Business name, Taxidermy Licence #, and your website address. OR 

Simply give me a call, I'd be happy to talk to you about what services we offer.

                                                 Our Process 

 In order to offer the best quality possible, we use Dermistid Beetles to clean each skull. We have multiple large colonies capable of cleaning thousands of skulls a year.

 After each skull is cleaned, the skulls  go into a degreasing solution until they are fully free from grease.

 We then have a proprietary final degrease and deodorizing process that will insure each skull is free from the fowl smell that often occurs when using the beetle clean process.

 Our final step is to whiten each skull, using hydrogen peroxide with no powders, this insures the skull will not be left with a chalky residue or cause the bone to flake off over time. They will then cure fully before being wrapped up and delivered back to you.


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