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Terms and Conditions

Turn Around Times

All Turn around times are and estimate and are subject to change due to seasonal demands, third parties, and other factors, as such they cannot be guaranteed. we will do are best to keep them as close to the estimate as possible.


All mounts, including tanning, European mounts, fish, birds, rugs, game heads require a minimum of 50% deposit before any work will begin. Any trophy (deer/elk) with less then 2 points on each antler are required to pay 100% at time of drop off.

Storage Fees

After  14 days of being notified of completion, all mounts are subject to a $10 per day storage fee. After 30 days the mount will be considered Abandoned and become property of J2 Taxidermy and Logistics regardless of any deposit paid. Abandoned mounts will be sold to recoup any cost of the mount, and all monies will be forfeited to J2 Taxidermy and logistics from customer. We will however make ample attempts (up to 3) via phone call, txt message, or letter if address is given. It is customers Job to make sure we have correct phone number and mailing address.

Legality of you Trophy

All animals dropped off with J2 Taxidermy and Logistics must be legally harvested and tagged per Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks. We require an ALS number to be given at time of drop off. Any trophy that requires a Hide seal or Cites tag must have them tagged and inspected by FWP prior to dropping off at J2 Taxidermy and Logistics. We will turn away and trophy that does not have the proper seal or cites tag. 

 All deposits for any trophy that is confiscated by Montana FWP or other agencies for being illegally harvested, will be forfeited to J2 Taxidermy and Logistics and will NOT be subject to a refund! 

 We strive to keep our business in good standing with FWP and other agencies, and we have an open door policy for any FWP employee or Warden to come into our facility and inspect any trophy at any time. We will not jeopardize our good standing and credibility with FWP for any reason what so ever. MAKE SURE YOUR TROPHY IS LEAGAL BEFORE YOU BRING IT TO US!!!

Damage, Tanneries and Shipping

Damage: J2 Taxidermy and Logistics will NOT be held responsible for loss or damage of specimen(s) or other items resulting from: Flood, Fire, Theft, Acts of God, or any other circumstances beyond our control, or third parties.

Tanneries: Tanneries do not guarantee the results of any hide nor assume any responsibility for loss or damage, such as slippage, hair loss, holes, or rot, ect. Holes in tanned hides will not be sewn unless requested by hunter/owner for an addition charge of $150 per hour spent sewing, min 1hr. No tannery assumes any responsibility for loss or damage.

Shipping: Shipping charges are not included in the cost of the mount. Mounts that require shipping are will be professional packaged or crated. Any damage the is inflected on packaging or crates will require pictures and documentation at time of delivery, before you unbox/crate your trophy. J2 Taxidermy and logistics will not be responsible for any damage to trophies or packaging, it is the responsibility of the customer/owner of trophy to file a claim against the delivery company. Insurance can be purchased at additional cost for the package/ crate, and claims should be filed with the shipping company. 

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