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European Mounts



Deer/Antelope                                                                          $175


Moose -Shiras 

Moose - Alaskan/ Canadian



Big Horn Sheep


Black Bear


Mountain Lion / Wolf




Coyote, fox


Small game (ie. badgers, beaver, raccoon)

We do not offer our services for anything smaller than a Raccoon.



Bison/Domestic Cows 



Domestic Cows with Large Horns (in excess of 40" spread, and 10" base of horn)







Any Skull that is received and maggot infested will be and additional $25.00

The best way to insure your skull doesn't get a maggot infestation is to get it to me right away or to freeze it 

We DO NOT do pets!!!

Additional Services

-All Skulls will be charged an addition skinning and prep fee of $25 for deer and Antelope, and $50 for Elk, Moose, and Bison Unless completely prepped IE. skinned, lower jaw, eyes, and any bulk meat removed.

A 50% Deposit is required at time of drop off for all taxidermy work.

Metelized Skulls

Deer                      Additional $200

Elk                         Additional $400

Antelope             Additional $200

Moose                  Additional $400

Buffalo                 Additional $400

Black Bear          Additional $200

Mountain Lion Additional $200

Coyote                 Additional $200

Fox                        Additional $200

Wolf                      Additional $200

Cape and Skull Plate Prep

If you harvest a trophy in our beautiful state and would like the cape and skull plate prepped and shipped to your local taxidermist, we can get that taken care of for you. We can either cape your trophy and cut the skull plate and send it with you, next day.  Or we can completely prep your cape (fleshed, lips and ears turned, and salted)  and skull plate and ship it to your local taxidermist, (due to shipping  costs it is not recommended to ship an elk skull plate).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Prices (do not include shipping)

    Elk $200

 Deer & Antelope $150                            

        Moose $250           

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